About Us

Dr. Ken Andrews is an experienced facilitator, skilled at stimulating fresh thinking and providing clarity in complex situations involving multifunctional teams. He is also an innovative skills trainer, with a broad portfolio of highly practical programs. The combination of these strengths ensures outstanding value for his clients.

Originally trained as a research physicist with bachelor and doctorate degrees, Ken has been a successful entrepreneur and corporate executive in the technology/manufacturing sector for more than 20 years. He is experienced in front-line management and senior corporate strategy roles, and has worked in the diverse cultural and business environments of N. America, Europe, S.E.Asia and Japan.

Ken has built his consulting business with a focus on high-impact interventions for effective decision-making, particularly in strategic customer-related issues. He works with a spectrum of organizations in manufacturing, technology, security, environmental protection, human & animal health, legal & financial services, and public policy development. Most recently, he has facilitated multi-agency international initiatives on responses to pandemics and protecting public halth. He has spearheaded many strategic planning, business development and foresight workshops in a diverse range of environments.

Ken has also a passion for skills development, and has developed a unique portfolio of world-class training programs. He has delivered these programs to forward-looking clients on three continents, in both private and public sectors. His workshops are always interactive, informal, energizing and designed to stimulate innovative dialogue and thinking among participants. He is truly focused on practical, hands-on concepts for immediate on-the-job application and benefits.


Dr. Ken Andrews