Benefits : Client Feedback

Our goal is excellence in everything we do, as measured by our clients - we always strive to exceed expectations. Recent client feedback:

"Ken Andrews is an innovative facilitator, able to bring out the best solutions and decisions from our staff." (Techology Sector)

"A developer of real-world skills enhancement programs, to challenge and motivate our people."
(Federal Government Department)

"Ken is a confident, objective mentor - a valuable asset as we are wrestling with mission-critical decisions." (Automotive Sector)

"During our strategic planning meetings, we were encouraged to be innovative, while maintaining a focus on the key issues - a great balance. As a result, our strategic plan is outstanding." (Manutacturing Sector)

"Our international workshop was a resounding success, due to the skillful and sensitive facilitation from Ken Andrews. He very quickly established a strong rapport with the participants, and helped us achieve all our objectives." (Global Food Safety)

"This was exactly what I was looking for - a facilitator to focus our efforts." (Technology Sector)

"This facilitation was very knowledgeable, engaging and results-focused - a rare combination." (Healthcare Sector)

"This outside perspective is very helpful - probably the best consultant we have ever engaged." (Technology Sector)

"Relates to people at all levels: candid, direct, challenging in an appropriate way." (National Education Forum)

"On-time, on-budget and highly organized." (Manufacturing Sector)

"Promotes honest interaction among our team by creating a safe environment which encourages even the hesitant team members to open-up." (Healthcare Sector)

"Consistently ranked as our most effective and popular facilitator."
(Environmental Sector)

Continuous Improvement

We welcome feedback from our clients - to improve our programs on an ongoing basis.