Services : Critical Meeting Facilitation

We provide experienced, hands-on facilitation skills, enabling you and your workforce to focus on the real issues, while we look after the problem-solving process throught the application of proven, effective tools and techniques. Your meetings will be productive, inclusive and results-driven.

We work with teams in a proactive style, very different to other professionals: encouraging participants' contributions to achieve buy-in; maintaining a strong focus on the agenda and deliverables; channeling energy into constructive brainstorming; stimulating new thinking about difficult problems.

Our approach always incorporates action planning tools to support on-the-job implementation, and metrics to measure the effectiveness of actions. Most importantly, our methods have the flexibility to adapt to your specific environment and team culture, and to foster creativity.

Benefits for you and your organization:

  • Faster decision-making
  • More efficient use of your resources
  • Optimum participation and commitment among all team members
  • Clear communications, inside and outside the team

This methodology is unlike anything you will have expereinced todate. It is uniquely focused on fast results through the hard work of an aligned and empowered team.


Recent Facilitation Cases

Strategic Planning
New Product Development

Process Accereration

Team Development

Operational Budgets

Acquisition Assessment

Inventory Reduction

Project Mgmt./ Recovery

Winning & Retaining Clients

Expansion into New Markets

Sales Growth Planning

Competitive Analysis

Customer Satisfaction

Supply Chain Management

Crisis Communications

International Deployment

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