Experience : Private Sector

Engagements with private sector clients are frequently situation-specific, to address an immediate challenge or opportunity. Some examples:

Optical Components
Consultant to senior management team: charted expansion & investment routes; preparation of new strategic business plan; definition & implementation of balanced scorecard metrics; measured performance against external benchmarks; integrated department priorities to harmonize performance; delivered management skills programs in HR and decision-making.

Wireless Communications
Consultant to CEO of technology start-up: forward planning and product road-maps; communications to external investors; analysis of markets and technical inputs to business plan; set & monitored departmental progress towards clear business goals; implemented controlled authority delegation to middle management levels.

Facilitator & consultant to business improvement team: achieved goal of faster customer response (x2) and lower costs; integrated process improvement initiatives; introduced new methodologies for business process analysis; optimal use of cross-functional business planning teams; coached on effective internal & external communications.

Capital Equipment Manufacturer

Facilitator to management team: created action plans for surviving a servere business downturn; facilitated the development of a new, very flexible forward-looking business plan; implemented performance-based management; created near-term action plans with visible timelines & deliverables; instituted 'war-room' approach to crisis management.

Small Entrepreneurial Businesses

Coach and facilitator to business owners: sounding board for new initiatives; problem-solving tools & techniques; launch of new products/services; ensured customer-driven investments were top priority; Ken Andrews serves on the Advisory Board of the Entrepreneurship Centre in Ottawa.


Focus on Results

All private sector clients are driven by revenue growth, and improved profitability. Our management experience helps to maintain this focus on results all through an engagement, ensuring a strong ROI.