Services : Foresight and Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is all about prioritizing - making the best decisions, and maintaining a strong focus on implementation. It's not about retreats, data and ring binders. Based on a client's needs, we create a strategic planning process, and ensure that management capacity is created to deploy the new initiaitves emerging from the new strategic plan. In broad terms we facilitate discussions in the following areas:

1. Situation Assessment: how are you performing right now?

  • Stakeholder relations & market conditions
  • Competitive pressures
  • Environmental changes

2. Strategic Goals: where do you want to go?

  • Quantitative objectives
  • Changes of direction, new macro-priorities?

3. Strategic Plan Development: How will the goals be achieved?

  • Major new initiatives
  • Investment requirements
  • Changes to structure and people skills

4. Implementation: how to operationalize the plan?

  • Communications and buy-in from workforce
  • Departmental priorities and performance targets
  • Balanced scorecard & project management

5. The People Dimension: how to get things done?

  • Developing new leaders
  • Breaking down departmental silos
  • Negotiating, problem-solving and decision-making in complex organizations



Foresight is an emerging technique for developing robust plans in uncertain environments. It involves analysis of multiple, plausible future scenarios and how to respond to them. We have successfully managed and facilitated complex, multi-national foresight initiatives in a variety of public/private arenas (veterinary medicine, healthcare, security, education & environment).

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