Services : New Programs

We are continuously adding new programs and services to add more value to our clients, and support their successful growth. Examples include:

Trade-Show Assesment

  • Use proprietory methods, we measure the effectiveness of your trade-show investments including staffing, presentation, literature and follow-up

WebPage Assessment

  • We will provide a comprehensive analsis of your web presence, including navigation, links, search presence and brand consistency

Presentation Tune-Up

  • We will polish your PowerPoint slide-deck to create a compelling and unique presentation, resulting in the best impression for you and your organization. We also coach you and your staff to make outstanding, memorable and high impact presentations (i.e. not boring!) to both internal and external audiences.



Ken Andrews mentors a small number of developing leaders, from a spectrum of sectors. Ideas and situations are discussed over the phone or a quiet coffee, helping to develop new perspectives and skills.

Would your up-and-coming young leaders benefit from practical advise and an objective, confidential sounding-board?