Benefits : Effective Solutions

Responses to Mission-Critical Business Issues

"We keep fixing the same problems over and over again."
It's so easy to 'band-aid' problems with quick fixes - although we know that these same problems will certainly reappear, often with more serious consequences. Get out osf the 'we don't have time' mentality. It is not unusual for us to facilitate a team to permanent solutions in as little as 48 hours. Given the right people, empowered to implement changes and prepared to work hard together, we help you address problems that are critical to your success.

"We find it difficult to respond to Customers' demands."
In every market sector there is one universal truth: Customers are ever more demanding. Successful companies respond to these demands; market leaders anticipate them. With our help, you will be able to fully understand and measure your Customers' requirements, and to prioritize your responses. We'll coach you in decision-making techniques and improve your flexibility in your markets. Do you want 'market leadership' to translate from words to dollars?

"Our projects are either late or over budget ...or both!"
Ever been held to ransom by a product development team, particularly when it's in trouble? Project management requires very specific skills, which most of us don't have. We will provide real-time training to your product teams and project managers to maximize their efficiency and improve their on-time and on-budget performance. We will work with a team to get it back in control of its project, using a combination of practical tools and relevant business experience. How important is your next new product/service launch?

"We can't make our strategic plan really impact daily operations."
Many enterprises invest significant time and $$ in preparing a new strategic plan. However, most of these carefully crafted plans never make it to the front lines. We are determined to ensure your strategic planning investments show a positive ROI. We will design a process to fit your business profile, confirm that all options are being assessed, and remain focused on how and when your strategies will be implemented.

"If those sales people did their job, this company would be in much better shape."
Every department believes it is doing the best job possible and that the reasons for problems lie elsewhere. This is often termed 'silo mentality'. The reality is that the activities of all functional departments are strongly inter-linked: everyone has to pull his/her weight for the enterprise to prosper. This is a difficult message to get across and convince die-hard sceptics. Our strategy is to very firmly focus a group on identifying all the problem areas (internal and external), avoid blame and defense, and quickly map out viable improvement plans, which have clear metrics. Are you a 'silo-buster'?

Tapping Your Knowledge

Your people understand your business and its issues. We focus on tapping that pool of knowledge, to create innovative and permanent solutions.