We are exclusively driven by our clients' expectations and requirements. Every enterprise is unique - markets, products/services, culture, people - therefore every client engagement is 100% customized.

  • We initiate each client relationship using a no-cost, no-commitment working meeting with Ken Andrews.

  • A limited number of clients are active at any time, ensuring very fast and flexible response times.

  • Each engagement is personally managed by Ken Andrews.

  • Our professional fees are quoted on a project-basis; clients are completely in control of their investment.

  • We are 'solution-focused': we expect improvements to be adopted in days and results often seen in weeks. Many clients engage our services into the implementation phase to accelerate the process and help address change issues that inevitably arise.

  • We are 'people-focused': much of our work involves coaching and change management, helping to increase the skills and confidence of your resources.
    Our skills are in 'mining' the best ideas from your people, and adding external perspectives based on our experience. You get the best of both worlds.


Focus on Results

We focus on results, not reports. Our clients benefit from our expertise and front-line business experience, resulting in improved performance.